Webmie - For survey participants

“Help your online panel do web usage survey and create more content you like.”

WebPanels You Are Member in

You are member in the following WebPanels:

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Help Improve Web Content

By participating in the WebPanel you will make always your voice heard about good content. The outcome of WebPanel is statistics of most used sites and contents. This helps create more content you like to use.

What Do You Have to Do?

WebPanels are invite only panels. When you get an invitation from your online panel do as follows.

  1. Add WebPanel extension to your browser.
  2. Browse the Internet as usual.
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Safe and Secure

The measured browsing history will be kept anonymous. It does not measure page contents like credit card information or usernames and passwords. You will not receive any email advertising or spam. You can temporarily disable measuring by using the private browsing mode in your browser. You can also stop at any time by uninstalling the browser extension.

Compatible Browsers

Install the extension into all browsers and computers you use. Compatible browsers are Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer (8 or newer).

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How does it work?

The WebPanel browser extension stores anonymously the panel members' browsing history as page viewing time, URL and title of pages you visit. No information is stored in private browsing mode.

Analytics software computes statistics and analytics from stored information. Panel owners use the information to help improve web content to meet better consumer likes and demands.

Webmie operates the browser extension and WebPanel as a service for online panel owners.